Dick Ollek, President

"If the other guy’s getting better,
then you’d better be getting better
faster than the other guy’s getting
better – or you’re getting worse."
- Tom Peters

"If you can change your mind,
I can change your income."
- Dick Ollek

"Train your people well enough so
they can leave. Treat them well
enough so they don't want to."

- Richard Branson

Books by Dick Ollek

Making Cents of a Dirty Business

In my 55 years as a Janitorial Contractor and Consultant to the BSC Industry, I have never read a book that is so accurate, comprehensive and thorough as this one and that is why I have chosen to offer it on our website. This book is not only for beginners but for anyone in the business.

The author, Troy Hopkins CBSE, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama has built a very successful business using the principles outlined in the book and now shares his success with the industry. It is by far the most accurate book about the BSC buisness I have ever read.

Buy this book. It may just be the most valuable investment in your success you will make.

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The Guide to Effective Supervision

This is the latest book from Dick Ollek, CBSE, RGC, a 50+ year veteran of the Building Services Contracting industry. The book is composed of 12 lessons that can be taught as a supervisors class or individual study. 

1. Definition of Supervision
2. It's the Same, Only Different
3. The Many Hats of a Supervisor
4. Building the Perfect Supervisor
5. Customer Relations Training
6. Handling Complaints
7. Conducting Discipline
8. Dealing With Different Generations and Cultures in the Workplace
9. The Employee Training Issue
10. Creating Effective Training
11. Dealing With Budgets
12. The Importance of Safety

Flash drive of PowerPoint slides available for all 12 lessons.

At the end of each lesson is a series of questions for the participant to answer that will enhance their understanding of the material and get them thinking on how they can do their job more effectively. Humor and real life examples are given so the participant can relate to the subject and see themselves having had the same issues arise in their work. For those new to the industry it gives them a great understanding of what they can expect when they are in the field supervising.
Company owners and managers will find this 12 lesson book to be a great handbook for their supervisors to have in their possession as challenges confront them in their everyday supervising life. FREE PREVIEW FOR SUPERVISORS


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Selling Contract Cleaning Services 101

Are you starting a new contract cleaning service company? Or, is your company still in the early growing stage? Are you constantly changing "hats" as you try to guide your company toward more profits and better operations?

It can be hard to find the time AND the resources to move forward!

This book shows you the systems and methods you can apply to become the company you are striving to be. Whether your goal is to build a solid, family business or take on the major players, it all depends on identifying, prospecting and closing the right customers.

You don't necessarily need a lot of money, but you DO need a lot of commitment to make this happen. In fact, commitment in the right areas with the right direction may be ALL you need. The systems and processes outlined in this book have been used by the author to build a successful multi-million dollar operation.

And now he is sharing them with you!

Pay particular attention to Chapter 14. It can change the way you see yourself and your company. Even more importantly, it may just change the way your customers and prospects see you and your organization.

Table of Contents

Part 1
Chapter 1-Who Are You?
Chapter 2-What Are You?

Part 2
Chapter 3-Creating the Prospect List
Chapter 4-Maintaining the Prospect List
Chapter 5-Weekly Targeted Mailings
Chapter 6-"Hit List" Mailings
Chapter 7-Mass Direct Mail Campaigns
Chapter 8-Customer/Prospect Luncheons
Chapter 9-Telemarketing
Chapter 10 -Trade Show Selling
Chapter 11-Selling on the Web
Chapter 12-The Use of Sales People
Chapter 13-Getting the Banker to say "Yes"

Part 3
Chapter 14-When Do You Go Out For Bid?
Chapter 15-Doing the Walk Through
Chapter 16-Preparing the Proposal
Chapter 17-Presentation Helpful Hints
Chapter 18-Now What?


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Finding, Training, and Keeping GREAT Service Employees 101

This book is not your typical boring human resource handbook but, rather a "how to" guide on how to be creative in finding the right, GREAT employees for your organization, and how to implement the procedures and policies that have them wanting to make your company a career rather than a job.

Dick explains the difference between just hiring a "warm body" and recruiting someone that can become a valuable asset to your company, either full time or part time. He shows you how to be creative in recruiting, how to manage the application process, how to conduct an effective interview, and provide an effective orientation that gets the new employee excited to be part of your team.

You will see the critical part that training plays in reducing turnover in your company, and why training has to be done differently with adults than with children.

This book provides you with:

1. A complete sample Hiring Process Manual
2. A sample Employee Policy and Procedure Handbook
3. Sample job descriptions for a Building Service Contractor

Table of Contents

Part 1
Chapter 1-It's a Jungle Out There
Chapter 2-Newspaper Ads
Chapter 3-Career Fairs
Chapter 4-Recruiting Neighborhoods
Chapter 5-On Line Recruiting
Chapter 6-Managing the Recruiting Process
Chapter 7-And Your Facilities Look Like?
Chapter 8-Time for the Interview
Chapter 9-A Plan of Action

Part 2
Chapter 10 -The First Step
Chapter 11-The Orientation Process
Chapter 12-The Importance of Training
Chapter 13-So How DO We Train?
Chapter 14-Effective Learning and Remembering
Chapter 15-Other Ideas That Work
Chapter 16-Your Plan of Action
Chapter 17-Sample Job Descriptions


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This book is designed as a working tool. It is written in conversational style and will provide you a true encyclopedia for being in the contract cleaning business.

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The DO'S & DON'TS of Contract Cleaning
From One Who DID & DIDN'T

Whether you are thinking about entering the contract cleaning business, have a young company that may be struggling to get to the next level, or have a mature organization that may need to look at things in a different light, this book is for you.

From naming your company to selling your company, this book covers all the bases. Dick takes you through the mistakes he made when starting his company, to the stumbling he did along the way, and how he got up and kept going. Some of his real life stories will amuse while others will make you sit back and take note of how you can make corrections in your company that can save or earn lots of dollars for you.

He includes ways to approach a banker, attorney, accountant, insurance agent as well as the suppliers of your cleaning products and equipment. Doing these things right will put money on your bottom line, doing them wrong may put you out of business in a hurry.

Not to be forgotton, he also includes a chapter on preparing your company for sale. Dick sold his company and can provide helpful suggestions on what you need to do and not do to be ready to sell. Dick interjects humor along the way to emphasize some of his mistakes and what he learned from them. You will particularly want to read chapter 18 where he talkes about his favorite sayings and how they affected him. In that same chapter he also talks about actual calls he took from employees calling in to report they would not be at work and how he handled the calls.

Last but not least, he provides you his thoughts on how to focus on becoming a leader as well as what he envisons the characteristics of real success are.

Table of Contents

1. What's In A Name?
2. Who Needs A Business Plan?
3. Choosing Your Attorney, Accountant, And Banker
4. I Need Insurance?---And Bonding?
5. What About Partners?
6. Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something
7. The Devil Made Me Do It (Or) Stick To Your Business Plan
8. What Do You Mean Systems And Processes?

9. What Payroll Taxes?
10. I'll Get It At Sam's
11. I Don't Have Time To Train
12. I Don't Understand Employees These Days
13. I Don't Have Time To Go To The Convention
14. Don't Be So Stubborn
15. Focusing On Leadership
16. Defining Success
17. I'm Ready To Sell My Business
18. Dick's Favorite Sayings And Employee Excuses


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  • Finding, Training and Keeping GREAT Service Employees 101
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Contract Cleaning From One Who Did and Didn't
  • The Guide to Effective Supervision

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