Feel like your people just don't respond to the training you give them?
Check out Dick Ollek's NEW DVDs on Discipline Training for Building Service Contractors and BSC Supervisor Training. Click on the DVD icon and order today. It will create a new learning experience for your organization.


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Client Raves

"The executive brief sales system Dick taught us is still bringing in clients. It has delivered the greatest ROI of any marketing system we have used."

Advantage Cleaning

"Dick's training DVDs and books are the best and most accurate". 

Korey Bramlett
Alden Services

Headland, Alabama


Consultants In Cleaning

Dick Ollek, CBSE, RGC, is a 55+ year veteran of the Building Service Contracting business having owned or manage a company for 42 years and providing consulting assistance to BSC's since 2006.

Building on his years of experience he has developed a variety of industry specific training materials in the DVD format, some in Spanish. Dick knows the issues related to the BSC business and gets right to the point in these helpful, affordable learning tools. The two detailed below are his two most recent and requested ones. Take a look at the subject matter, then click on the icon to order. We'll both be glad you did.


Whether you are new to the BSC sales effort or have seasoned sales people that may need a refresher course on bringing business in the door, this 6 DVD set is for you. Dick Ollek, CBSE, RGC, a 55 year veteran of the BSC business, takes you through the process of determining who you should be pursuing to closing the sale. The sessions and time of each session are:

  1. Determining which prospects to pursue.
  2. Where to find those prospects.
  3. How to get in the door when you can’t get in the door, part 1.
  4. How to get in the door when you can’t get in the door, part 2.
  5. Preparing the proposal and service agreement.
  6. Making the presentation, overcoming objections, and closing the sale.

These are not sessions on sales theory but rather tried and proven systems and processes that are being used today and they WORK. Each session lasts about an hour and is filled with information you can put to use NOW. Happy selling.

Dick Ollek, President



This 12 lesson, BSC industry specific DVD set can be taught in classroom style or one on one with Dick providing the leadership. The lessons covered are:

  • Defining supervision
  • It's the same only different
  • The many hats of a supervisor
  • Building a perfect supervisor
  • Customer relations training
  • Handling Complaints
  • Conducting Discipline
  • Dealing with different generations and cultures
  • The employee training issue
  • Creating effective training
  • Dealing with budgets
  • The importance of safety

Completing this training, your supervisors will have a thorough understanding the responsibilities they have as managers in your company.