Determining Who your Prospects Should Be

Where to Find your Prospects

How to Get in the Door When You Can't Get in the Door, Part 1

How to Get in the Door When You Can't Get in the Door, Part 2

Preparing the Proposal

Presenting the Proposal and Closing the Sale


Defining Supervision

It's the Same, Only Different

The Many Hats of a Supervisor

Building the Perfect Supervisor

Customer Relations Training

Handling Complaints

Conducting Discipline

Dealing with Different
Cultures and Generations

The Employee Training Issue

Creating Effective Training

Dealing with Budgets

The Importance of Safety



Client Raves

"The executive brief sales system Dick taught us is still bringing in clients. It has delivered the greatest ROI of any marketing system we have used."

Advantage Cleaning

"Dick's training DVDs and books are the best and most accurate". 

Korey Bramlett
Alden Services

Headland, Alabama


Consultants In Cleaning

Richard (Dick) Ollek, CBSE, RGC, VNG, is a 57+ year veteran of the Building Service Contracting business, having owned or managed a company for 43 years and providing BSC business advisory/consulting assistance since 2006.

Dick has traveled throughout the United States and Canada conducting workshops for groups as well as individual companies. While he no longer travels he provides a wide array of services via phone and as well as conducting sales and supervision webinars for individual companies.


Dick Ollek, President


His webinars are centered around the highly acclaimed books:


The number of sessions in these webinars varies from 6 to 12 depending on the subject matter addressed. These sessions focus on fact, not fiction, action not theory. Your staff will know the subject matter after they attend a webinar conducted by Dick. On the left you will see the topics of each session.

Dick has also written two additional books entitled:

  • Finding, Training, and Keeping GREAT Service Employees 101
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Contract Cleaning From One Who Did and Didn't.

All of Dick's books are available on Amazon, most in e-book availability.

Much of Dick's time now is spent assisting US based companies make acquisitions. He is able to find companies for his clients and assists them in the process of evaluation and purchasing. If your company is considering expansion through acquisition, Dick may just be the one to assist you in the process.

Call 573-434-9296



"Dick, as my wife and I are leaving the conference in Las Vegas I can't help but send you a note of gratitude. Your name comes up at all the conferences and we all agree you are absolutely the best trainer our industry has ever had. Matter of fact, I shared a lesson at this conference that you taught me many years ago".
Gary Collins, SMO, Greensboro, NC

"Your Executive Briefs have been on fire for us. Unbelievable. We start 5 new contracts Monday".
Marc Battista, Citywide Building Maintenance, Inc., Itasca, IL

"In 2015 I read your Richard’s Writings “Blog Postings of 2012” as part of my ongoing professional growth in the building service industry. My time was well invested. The information and ideas are timeless and practical. I am better a business man which translates to owning and running a better business. Thank you for sharing your 50 years of time tested business experience and wisdom in our industry."
Santiago Sosa, LEED A.P., Select Building Services

"I have had the pleasure of working with some of Dick's clients over the years. As a consultant, Dick seems to really get to know his clients and their goals. They come to Rainmaker ready to increase their businesses on all fronts. To get leads without a structure to support them and follow through with them usually doesn't work. Dick makes sure the basic structures are there so his clients are armed to grow. I know when someone comes to me from Consultants In Cleaning, they are serious about their businesses, and ready to explode! Dick brings the whole package to what he does...experience, knowledge, ethics, caring, and hard work. Through the years, I have also gleaned wonderful insights from him, simply through conversation. He has helped my business in more ways than I can count."
Patricia Cowan, Owner, RainMaker Sales Support

"Our Experience with Dick was both amazing and enlightening. He consulted with us more than two years ago and we are still receiving requests from his the marketing campaign he installed for us. Additionally, I am only beginning to comprehend and understand this business and his strategies. It is truly baffling how much knowledge and skill Dick has relating to our industry. "
Laredo Bulkey, NY

"Just a note to let you know how informative and helpful this conference was. I picked up a great deal of information, among those being the segment on Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement and understanding if accounts are truly profitable or not and what to do to get them profitable. POWERFUL STUFF!! Dick Ollek continues to be a valuable source for knowledge and growth in my business."
Deborah Jones, SC

"Just a quick note to thank you for the great information in the Orlando workshop. GREAT JOB! It really helped me get familiar with the Building Service Contractor sales environment again. I also want to thank you for giving back to the industry. You could have retired many years ago but you are still enhancing our industry."
Tom Verboncouer, WI

"Dick, you are an amazing business man and friend . . .I am pleased to report that with your teachings, we build our cleaning company from nothing to over 7 million square feet per month in under 4 years. Thank you for all that you do."
Matthew Kitzman

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I am LOVING your book, Selling Contract Cleaning Services 101!! It's very informative."
Marc Battista, Vice President, Citywide Building Maintenance, Inc ~ Itasca, Ill.

"There are no words to describe the magnitude of information given by Mr. Ollek. Every owner of a cleaning business should own a DVD set of his teaching. I could have saved a lot of time and money by knowing the things he shared in his seminar."
Eddie Griffin, Conyers, GA

"Greatest workshop yet! I have been around the block a few times and thought I knew a lot about the hiring and human resource function as a whole--WRONG! Dick offered really great information about hiring, the interview, training etc., that I have already put into practice."
Deborah Jones, Charleston, SC

"I found it valuable listening to Dick Ollek share his 50+ years of experience in the contract cleaning business with his wealth of knowledge. Gaining this information will definitely help me move my business to the next level."
Rick Adams, Asheville, NC

"We started working with Dick Ollek in the summer of 2011 because of his experience and reputation in the service industry for increasing sales. As we worked with Dick we realized he is also very knowledgeable in the financial aspect of the service industry. Dick now assists us monthly to analyze and solidify our financial statements and our financial position. Making sales is great, making money at the end of the month is even better. I highly recommend Dick Ollek if you want sales AND profits."
Santiago Sosa LEED A. P. Select Building Services Santa Rosa, CA

"Dick Ollek is the top consultant in this industry. I utilize him as my personal industry coach. Thanks to Dick's counsel, Office Pride has continued to grow at an amazing rate. He is consistently rated as the top speaker at many of our franchise retreats."
Todd Hopkins - Founder/President, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services - Pensacola, FL

"I just got Dick Ollek's book called "Finding, Training, and Keeping GREAT Service Employees 101" and am so glad I did! I can't stop reading it, it is so interesting! Everyone should have this book! Thank you Dick for writing this."
Lisa Huston, West Hazleton, PA

"Dick Ollek's great book, "Selling Contract Cleaning Services 101" contains some wise advice: we should get away from the phrase bid and use proposal instead. I know it sounds like its only a word. Big deal. Why should it matter?

It's really all about mindset. And in business, and specifically in selling, our mindset or psychology has much to do with our confidence level and how our prospects view us. When we "present a proposal" instead of "submitting a bid", we are carrying ourselves in a much more professional manner...and we come across that way to the prospect or client.

We are worth more when we are of this more professional mindset. And of course act accordingly.

Bidding connotes, rather screams, COMMODITY. It says essentially, "We are no different than any competitors; we don't bring any unique value to the table. Mr./Mrs. Prospect, we therefore give you permission to make your decision based on the lowest price."

I don't think we want to position ourselves this way. In my humble opinion anyway. "
Michael Frenda, Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation - Bohemia, NY

We at Great Lakes Cleaning, Inc. can't thank you enough for this past weekend of training you provided for our management team.

It was unanimous that the workshop you presented to us was well prepared & well delivered so that we never stopped learning from the moment the workshop started until it ended (& we're still talking about it!) Your dedication to our industry and the passion that you put into delivering the information keeps it fun, educational, and true to what our real life experiences and challenges are at Great Lakes Cleaning.

Working with Dick at Consultants In Cleaning, LLC has made a tremendous positive impact on our company. With Dick’s support he has shown us what we should be looking at in our business and the how to. With the support of over 40 plus years of one of the leaders in the cleaning industry, it is a rare opportunity to learn from someone like himself. With Dick’s books, pod casts, Inner Circle materials along with one on one development I have been able to substantially grow my company’s sales, profits, services offered, customer retention and so much more! You will without a doubt be given the tools and support to achieve unlimited success and wealth in the cleaning business. With his keep it simple approach to complicated equations it will ultimately boil down to your work ethic and your willingness to learn and strive for constant on going improvement in yourself and your company.
Chris Paxos - Owner - A Quality Facility Services - North Canton, OH

"Jennifer and I would like to thank you for your help in growing our business. Our commercial business has increased by 27% in less than four months. Also, we have sold every contract we have created a proposal for. Your approach has been both practical and systematic. "
Larado S. Bulkley, CCSP, CEO Advantage Cleaning Services, Inc.
24A Park Street Hornell, NY, 14843